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Freelance editorial servicesFreelance Editor Online (feo) is a comprehensive editorial service providing professional freelance editing, proofreading, evaluation, and development for authors and other creators. Clientele includes creative, professional, and business writers; self-publishing book authors and traditional book authors; publishers; and businesses across Canada, in the United States, and worldwide.

Editing and proofreading services cover all stages from first draft-in-progress, to completed manuscript, to final proof. Projects include books, ebooks, reports, white papers, dissertations, theses, articles, and other substantial documents. Areas of expertise encompass business, professional, and academic fields; specialized and commercial nonfiction; literary and genre fiction; and selected memoirs.

What is freelance editing online?

Where the Internet meets the freelance editor

Freelance editing goes onlineGenerally speaking, freelance editing is work done under contract by a self-employed editorial professional. Freelance Editor Online uses the Internet to advertise services and to make the initial connection with potential clients. The actual editing is done offline on single, not networked, computers, and communication between client and editor is private, usually by email, and may include one-on-one telephone discussions.

For more detailed information about Freelance Editor Online, see the about feo page and FAQs about freelance editing.

Sustainable editing

Online, on screen, on track

While a few editors and many writers still like to work on paper, the fact is that most writing, editing, and publishing are now done digitally. Ebooks and other kinds of digital text are fast outpacing conventional print forms; and even though an end product might still be hard copy, paper can be eliminated from the creative and production processes.

Sustainable freelance editingLike all environmentally aware editors that are on track for a sustainable future, Freelance Editor Online is a paper-free business. Editing is done on screen and returned via email. Clients can review edits, answer queries, and make all final revisions without ever printing a draft. Many projects are then published and distributed online to the growing number of users that receive and consume information and entertainment via electronic devices.

If you are a creator or developer of written projects, and are still paper dependent, the video below, Green Writing, Editing & Publishing Tips will help you break free into the expanding world of digital text.


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